Matrix theory contributes scientific tools and methods to the solutions of pure and applied problems; it is also a rich research branch of mathematics itself. Tensors (a.k.a. the hyper-matrices) have become increasingly popular due to their wide and important applications in many fields such as machine learning, data mining, neuroscience, signal and image processing. The intertwining relation between tensors and matrices has been demonstrated in a great amount of recent literature. The International Research Center for Tensor and Matrix Theory (IRCTMT) of Shanghai University is founded to serve as a base for the research on matrices and tensors and their applications.


       The International Research Center for Tensor and Matrix Theory (IRCTMT) is dedicated to

  • the advances of fundamental knowledge in tensor and matrix theory, and their broad range of applications,
  • the communication of development, trends and updates in the area,
  • the research collaborations among faculty members of the Shanghai University and visiting scholars from the world, and
  • the excellence in teaching and research for graduate and undergraduate studies in the relevant areas.


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